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Self-propelled milling

can achieve very wide bevels, provide mirror finish and are capable of beveling of all kinds of materials including stainless, duplex, HARDOX, WELDOX and other alloys.

Self-propelled shearing

are very fast (up to 3 m/min), noiseless and can adapt very well for any irregularity on plates (bends, curves, large diameter pipe beveling) and at the same time have low running cost.

Hand-held bevellers

can achieve great beveling results and at the same time are very affordable. Different bevellers can be used for beveling of straight & curved plates, holes and pipes. Preparation of radius is also achievable.

Bench bevellers

designed especially for beveling of small work-pieces; can be fitted with automatic feeding mechanisms; and can bevel various materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic.