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  • - Extremely powerful
  • - Hard materials
  • - Automatic feeding system
  • - Max plate thickness 120 mm
  • - Roughness elimination


ULTRAMILL is extremely powerful new-generation plate beveller, equipped with an adjustable head, which allows to set the machine according to any customer’s requirements. This machine can bevel plates of thicknesses up to 120 mm and is able to achieve a bevel width of 80 mm. It can perform clad removal, do bevelling at any angle as well as facing of plate (at 0 degrees).

Its unique bevelling system allows you to achieve a mirror finish with no physical effort by the operator, as the machine is moving along the plate at variable speeds by means of two propelling wheels. The machine is equipped with sensors which stop the machine when it reaches the end of the plate. It also has a roughness elimination system which helps in case of imperfection of plate thickness.

The motor gives you power of 3 kW and the milling tool rotation speed can be regulated between 100 to 820 RPM; which comes in handy when bevelling extremely hard materials. The beveller’s maximum bevelling speed is 1.6 m/min. ULTRAMILL can compensate for some unevenness of the flooring which helps in case of imperfection of plate thickness.

Technical data

Maximum bevel width 80 mm
Bevelling angle  0° - 90°
"J" Bevelling angle 0° - 30°
Plate thickness 6 - 120 mm
Bevelling speed 0 - 1.6 m/min
Motor Power  3 000 W
Motor idle speed  100 - 820 rpm
Voltage  400 V/50 Hz, 3-phase
Tooling 9 changeable inserts; 80 mm diameter
Machine weight (incl. trolley) 250 kg
electric version
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