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Case Studies

Hardox bevelling

  • Date of realization: February 2021
  • Implemented product: ULTRAMILL ROTO
  • Customer requests: to bevel HARDOX material with 55°, 81° and 87° angles

Based on the customer´s demand, we carried out a sample bevelling of the delivered semi-finished plates made of HARDOX 450 and 500 material.
The task was to bevel three sides of a rectangle shaped material with dimensions 270x503x12…

J bevel

  • Date of realization: May 2015
  • Implemented product: HURDMILL
  • Customer requests: J shaped bevel, a trial

Alongside the conventional V or K bevels used on majority of plates, thicker plates require J shaped bevels. This was a requirement that Bevel was asked about by our customers quite often. The newest version of HURDMILL is developed in a way that when fitted with special J bevel head, it is able to produce J bevels up to 60…

UL certification + slope bevelling

  • Date of realization: January 2016
  • Implemented product: PURMILLSQUAREMILL
  • Customer requests: UL certification, a slope bevel at 76 degrees on top of the conventional bevelling between 15-60 degrees

Bevel manufactures and sells machines mostly made in standard series; however, from time to time we come across a special requirement from our customers to…

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