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  • - Large pipes
  • - Extremely powerful
  • - Unlimited thickness
  • - Any type of weld preparation


XYANT is the largest beveller of the CUTBEV series with a hydraulic drive. XYANT is a pipe cutter and beveller for steel pipes between 60” and 96”. As all CUTBEV machines, XYANT is locked from the outside. It can be fitted on pipelines, in open-air sites or used inside factory halls. Cutting and bevelling can be done simultaneously on pipes with wall thicknesses up to 25 mm. There is virtually no limit to wall thickness of bevelled pipes.

With appropriate tooling, the machine can execute any type of weld preparation. The unit is equipped with two copier tool-holders fitted with springs to compensate for possible pipe ovality. The machine’s body is a split frame type (also known as clamshell) for installation and use along pipelines. All XYANT units are fitted with a hydraulic drive.


Technical data

  XYANT 60-72 XYANT 72-84 XYANT 84-96
 Range OD (inches) 60”-72” 72”-84” 84”-96”
 Nominal hydraulic motor power (kw) 30 30 30
 Motor working power (kw) 25 25 25
 Oil working pressure (bar) 120 120 120
 Oil flow rate (lt./min) 60 60 60
 Tool box stroke (mm) 70 70 70
 Radial feed rate per revolution (mm) 0.2 0.2 0.2
 Weight (kg) 1 550 1 750 1 930
hydraulic version
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