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  • - Can bevel pipes
  • - Can bevel radius
  • - Two speed system
  • - Can bevel the lower side
  • - Easy change of angle


SPEDANGLE is a plate beveller that operates using a self gripping system and bevels large plates as well as smaller flat pieces by means of a rotating shearing-milling tool. SPEDANGLE can bevel plates with a thickness from 6 – 40 mm and a beveling angle of 22.5°, 30°, 37.5°, 45° and 55°. The change of bevelling angle is easy and quick without the need to purchase any additional accessories. The maximum bevel width is 18 mm on carbon steel and 15 mm on stainless steel and depends on the bevelling angle.

SPEDANGLE has the ability to bevel the upper side of the plate, as well as the lower one.* For large amounts of bevelling on the lower edge of the plate an inverted model, SPEDANGLE-UpD, is available. Bevelling is very easy as the machine either feeds small pieces through its bevelling device, or with larger and heavier plates it grips on the plate and its bevelling tool propels the machine along the plate.

The machine is supplied with a set of wheels for easier manipulation or an optional hydraulic trolley, settable in height, can be purchased. The machine has a two-speed system. It can bevel at the speed of 1.5 m/min or 3.0 m/min. SPEDANGLE can bevel plates with convex radii R>1,000 mm and concave radii R>5,000 mm. No special accessory is needed for bevelling of pipes. The minimum inside diameter of pipe is 125 mm.


*inverted version or crane required

Technical data

Maximum bevel width on carbon steel 18 mm
Bevelling angle  22.5°; 30°; 37.5°; 45°; 55°
Plate thickness 6 - 40 mm
Beveling speed  1.5 and 3.0 m/min
Minimal width of beveled plate 70 mm
Motor Power  800 W
Voltage  400 V/50 Hz, 3-phase
Tooling Shearing tool
Machine weight 104 kg
electric version
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