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  • - Noiseless
  • - Self gripping
  • - Very quick
  • - Can bevel the lower edge
  • - Straight / lightly curved edges


SHEEZER is a fast, noiseless and effortless plate beveller that operates using a self gripping system. SHEEZER is designed for bevelling of straight or curved (R>1000) shaped edges. It can bevel plates with a thickness from 6 – 40 mm with a maximum bevel width of 12 mm. The bevelling angle can be set to 22.5°, 25°, 30°, 35°, 37.5°, 45° or 55°.

Different beveling angles can be changed using different angle variation devices. For bevelling of the lower edge of the plate, SHEEZER can be simply turned upside down and work in the inverted position.

Bevelling is very easy as the machine either feeds small pieces through its bevelling device, or with larger and heavier plates it grips on the plate and its bevelling tool propels the machine along the plate. Bevelling is very quick due to maximal bevelling speed of 2.6 m/min and is virtually noiseless. Some simple types of outside bevel can even be performed on pipes. 

Technical data

Maximum bevel width  12 mm
Bevelling angle  22.5°; 25°; 30°; 35°; 37.5°; 45°; 55°
Plate thickness 6 - 40 mm
Beveling speed  2.6 m/min
Minimal width of beveled plate 60 mm
Motor Power  2 200 W
Voltage  400 V/50 Hz, 3-phase
Tooling Shearing tool
Machine weight 65 kg
electric version
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