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  • - Light
  • - Hand-held
  • - Also deburrs
  • - Straight and curved edges


NIDBUR is a light hand-held bevelling and deburring machine with pneumatic drive. It can deburr plates of unlimited thickness or make small bevels up to 1 mm wide at an angle of 45°, both on straight and curved edges. Bevelling is done by a spindle-shaped milling tool with three incorporated blades with a diameter of 10mm each. The guiding bearing can be changed from the standard Ø 50mm to Ø 18mm. The machine weighs only 0.8kg. Mirror finish can be achieved on most material types. 

Technical data

Maximum bevel width  1 mm
Bevelling angle  45°
Plate thickness Unlimited
Radius up to 3 mm
Motor power 110 W
Motor idle speed 12 000 rpm
Air consumption 200 lt/min
Compressed air pressure 6 Bar
Cutter 3 incorporated blades; Ø 10 mm
Machine weight 0.8 kg
pneumatic version
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