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  • - Unlimited thickness
  • - Various materials
  • - Can bevel radius
  • - Heaviest requirements
  • - High quality and smooth


MAXCLINE is a hand-held bevelling machine with electric drive designed for heavy duty jobs. It can bevel plates of unlimited thickness with a maximum bevel width of 21 mm. This beveller is capable of continuous work even when the heaviest industrial requirements are applied, and the machine is pushed close to its limit most of the time.

This machine is used in production of steel construction and for bevelling strips and panels for energetic industry and chassis of trucks. The bevelling angle is 0° - 60° and can be changed quickly and easily. The bevelling is done by a cutter with 10 changeable inserts sharp on all four sides. This beveller makes high quality bevels with constant bevel width, root face and smooth surface.

MAXCLINE can bevel steel and cast-iron. Pipe bevelling can be performed on pipes from a diameter of 150 mm. Facing can be performed with optional accessories. The machine is equipped with one roller on each side which make pushing along the plate easier. 

Technical data

Maximum bevel width  21 mm
Bevelling angle  0° - 60°
Plate thickness Unlimited
Motor power 1 100 W
Motor idle speed 2 820 rpm
Voltage  230 V/50 Hz or 110 V/60 Hz
Tooling 10 inserts sharp on all four sides
Machine weight 20 kg
electric version
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