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  • - Lightweight
  • - Hand-held
  • - Finishing jobs
  • - Optimal for small bevels


ACEFIN is a compact lightweight hand-held beveller with electric drive. Its optimum usage is for smaller bevels of about 5 mm wide. The angle is pre-set to 45° and the maximum bevel width is 8mm. The machine is designed for finishing jobs rather than continuous work close to its maximum capacity. Bevelling is done with two changeable inserts; each insert is sharp on all four sides. The machine’s weight is only 4,8 kg. Mirror finish can be achieved on most material types.


Technical data

Maximum bevel width  8 mm
Bevelling angle  45°
Plate thickness Unlimited
Motor power 1 200 W
Motor idle speed 7 000 rpm
Voltage  240 V/50 Hz
Tooling 3 changeable inserts sharp on all four sides
Machine weight 4,8 kg


electric version
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