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  • - Various materials
  • - Can prepare radius
  • - Effortless
  • - Ideal for great quantities
  • - Ideal for small pieces


VEEZY is a compact bench-fixed beveller capable of bevelling steel and cast iron or aluminum, brass and plastic. The beveller is ideal for bevelling of long strips or great quantities or small pieces quickly and effortlessly. This machine can bevel plates of unlimited thickness at a settable bevel angle between 15° and 45°, and maximum bevel width of 10 mm. VEEZY machine is usually used on plates from 3 mm of thickness. The machine can also cut radii (R2-R4) when required. An automatic feeding system can be purchased as an additional accessory. The cutter of the machine can be moved sideways, which allows for the whole width of each side of the inserts to be used, when bevelling small bevels.


Technical data

Maximum bevel width  10 mm
Bevelling angle  45°, optional 15° - 45°
Plate thickness Unlimited
Radius R2, R3, R4
Motor power 750 W
Motor idle speed 2 900 rpm
Voltage  240 V (single phase), 50 Hz
Tooling 12 changeable inserts
Machine weight 52 kg
electric version
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