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  • - Curved edges
  • - Adjustable speed
  • - Various materials


INCURV beveller is built to bevel curved plate edges and spots with difficult accessibility, both convex and concave. It has a base plate on which the bevelled pieces are placed and then pushed along the milling spindle manually. Standard bevels with straight sections are to be performed with a straight bevel milling tool. Bevels with radius section can be performed with a radial milling tool.

The adjustable speed of the motor enables the beveller to adapt to different kinds of bevelled material, not only steel but also aluminium, acrylic or hard plastic. The maximum bevel width is 3 mm using the spindle at a bevel angle of 45°. The thickness of the plate is unlimited. INCURV beveller can also be converted to VEERIO plate beveller which is capable of bevels up to 10 mm bevel width on straight edges.

Technical data

Maximum bevel width  straight edge 10 mm
curved edge 3 mm
Bevelling angle  45°
Plate thickness Unlimited
Motor power 750 W
Motor idle speed 0 - 6 000 rpm
Voltage  240 V (single phase)/400 V (3-phase), 50 Hz
Tooling spindle-type milling tool
Machine weight 75 kg
electric version
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