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  • - Powerful
  • - Automatic feeding
  • - Effortless
  • - Ideal for great quantities


FEADER is a powerful beveller ideal for bevelling of long strips or great quantities of small pieces quickly and effortlessly, thanks to the beveller‘s V-shaped guides and to its automatic feed system moving the bevelled piece. This machine can bevel plates of unlimited thickness at bevel angles between 15° and 45° and a maximum bevel width of 8mm. Manual input of the material is perfectly suitable for this beveller and at the same time can provide some economical savings.


Technical data

Maximum bevel width  8 mm
Bevelling angle  15° - 45°
Plate thickness Unlimited
Motor power 2 200 W
Motor idle speed 1 400 - 2 800 rpm
Voltage  400 V/50 Hz, 3-phase
Machine weight 170 kg
electric version
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