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  • - Quick and precise
  • - Extremely powerful
  • - Inside lock
  • - Best for 2” to 3” pipes


RAX is a pipe beveller with pneumatic drive best for application from 2” to 3” pipes of all schedules. This machine is locked to the pipe from the inside and performs an inside bevel, outside bevel and facing simultaneously, quickly and smoothly.

The locking diameter is 28 – 76 mm ID; RAX can be also fitted with a reduced shaft which enables it to lock into pipes starting from 20 mm ID. RAX is a popular, universal, robust and powerful machine widely used in building and maintenance of power generation equipment.

Bevelling blades for most common applications can be suggested. RAX is similar to the 4PACT beveller except for the fact the 4PACT has two shafts instead of one as a standard accessory. This machine is also available with a pneumatic auto-locking device. RAX can be supplied either with a pneumatic or electric motor.


Technical data

Locking range 28 - 76 mm
Axial feed 40 mm
Idle speed 110 rpm
Torque 56 Nm
Weight 8 kg
Compressed air pressure 6 bar
Compressed air consumption 950 l/min
Locking range 28 - 76 mm
Axial feed 40 mm
Motor power 800 W
Idle speed 75 rpm
Torque 82 Nm
Voltage 110 V/240 V, 50 Hz
Weight 9 kg
Noise level 75 dB
pneumatic version
electric version
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