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  • - Heavy duty
  • - No vibrations
  • - Robust
  • - Bevels smoothly
  • - Bevels in a single pass


ENERGLIX is a heavy duty pipe-bevelling machine performing bevels on heavy walled pipes. It is locked into the bevelled pipe by three locking jaws. The robust gears of the ENERGLIX beveller allow the beveller to make bevels on heavy-wall pipes usually in a single pass (sometimes more than one pass may be required depending on the bevel size and material hardness).

The ENERGLIX beveller is also available with a pneumatic auto-locking device. The toolholder can be fitted with up to four blades at the same time; therefore, you are able to do external bevel, internal bevel and facing in one operation. Blades of virtually any shape and angle can be provided; J-bevels, compound bevels, spot-facing etc. ENERGLIX can be fitted with either a pneumatic or electric drive.

Technical data

Locking range 39 - 104 mm
Axial feed 40 mm
Idle speed 70 rpm
Torque 180 Nm
Weight 17 kg
Noise level 75 dB
Compressed air pressure 6 bar
Compressed air consumption 1 600 l/min
Locking range 39 - 104 mm
Axial feed 40 mm
Motor power 1 020 W
Idle speed 70 rpm
Torque 245 Nm
Voltage 110 V/240 V, 50 Hz
Weight 18 kg
Noise level 75 dB
pneumatic version
electric version
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