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4PACT auto


  • - Wide range
  • - Automatic
  • - Multi shaft
  • - Designed for tube sheet
  • - Handy and versatile


4PACT AUTO is designed for tube sheet bevelling or any pipe bevelling in greater quantities. Operation is simple and automatic. After set up, the operator can easily execute repetitive operations by means of foot switch, considerably increasing speed of execution thanks to its pneumatic system of auto-locking, auto-rotation and auto-feeding.

4PACT AUTO is a pipe bevelling machine with pneumatic drive for bevelling pipes and tubes with inside diameters of 23 mm to 108 mm. This beveller is locked into the pipe by three pneumatically operated locking jaws and is capable of performing an inside bevel, outside bevel and facing simultaneously, quickly and smoothly.

The bevelling angle can be adjusted by changing of the blade; bevelling blades for most common use are available, others can be custom made in accordance with customer’s requirements.


Technical data

Locking range 23 - 108 mm
Axial feed 40 mm
Idle speed 70 rpm
Torque 140 Nm
Weight 15 kg
Compressed air pressure 6 bar
Compressed air consumption 1 600 l/min
Compressed air quality filtered and lubricated
Hose connection 3/4“
Noise level 75 dB
pneumatic version
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