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  • - Extreme torque
  • - Heavy duty
  • - Quick and smooth
  • - Wide range
  • - Great wall thickness


TOPTORQ is a heavy duty bevelling machine; one of the most powerful and with the highest torque on the market of bevelling machines with a frontal bevelling tool and axial feed. It is used for bevelling pipes with inside diameter of 180 to 504 mm. This machine is locked in a bevelled pipe from the inside by a system of robust locking rods and is capable of inside bevel, outside bevel and facing simultaneously, quickly and smoothly.

TOPTORQ performs frontal bevels also on heavy wall tubes smoothly and sometimes even in a single pass, depending on the bevel size and material hardness; in other cases multiple passes may be required. This technique makes the bevelling very fast.

Virtually any bevel shape can be produced using TOPTORQ, including J-bevels, compound bevels and boring. We can suggest bevelling blades for most common applications, or we can produce special blades based on your specific needs. This machine is available with a pneumatic and hydraulic drive. It is also possible to provide extensions to extend the machine’s range up to 24”.

Technical data

Locking range 180 – 504 mm
Axial feed 50 mm
Motor power 2 940 W
Idle speed 11 rpm
Weight 245 kg
Compressed air pressure 6 bar
Compressed air consumption 2700 l/min
Compressed air quality filtered and lubricated
Locking range 180 – 504 mm
Axial feed 50 mm
Motor power 5 000 W
Idle speed 15 rpm
Weight 245 kg
Oil flow rate 30 l/min
Oil pressure 100 bar
Noise level 75 dB
pneumatic version
hydraulic version
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